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Total Maintenance Care in Perth Australia

Total Maintenance Care in Perth Australia

Air Conditioning

Repairs and maintains A/C units by inspecting, dismantling units for cleaning, repairing and replacing switches, relays, fan motors and thermostats, replaces filters ...

Total Maintenance Care electric in Perth Australia

Electrical Services

Electrical services means transmitting or distributing electricity, electric lights, current or power over lines, wires or cables. You can help protect yourself ...

Total Maintenance Care in Perth Australia

Plumbing Services

Engineering, design, repairs, maintenance, and installation—we’ve got you covered. As greater Perth's premier plumbing service provider, the team at TMC ...

Total Maintenance Care in Perth Australia

Building Repair

Building repairs and maintenance services mainly includes works undertaken for maintaining proper condition of buildings, its services and works in ordinary use ...

Total Maintenance Care in Perth Australia

Medical Equipment Repair

Our organization is rendering Medical Equipment Repair Service. This service is completed at low prices. This service is handled by professionals ...

Total Maintenance Care in Perth Australia

Computer Maintenance

Businesses and home users depend on computers in increasing ways every day. Even a minor computer problem disrupts our life and hampers ...

Total Maintenance Care in Perth Australia

HandyMan Services

A Handyman is generally responsible for electrical, mechanical and plumbing related repairs. Depending on the company, they may engage ...

Total Maintenance Care in Perth Australia

Test and Tag Services

TMC Understand that in a working environment safety is paramount. In order to meet latest government legislation all work places must have their portable ...

A Trusted Company!

Total Maintenance Care (TMC) has been a reliable source providing solutions for all your requirements in Perth, Western Australia. We are committed to delivering honest and exceptional customer service.

Total Maintenance Care (TMC) has the experts to get the job done on time and within budget. We will design and manage whatever project you need with the best people, products and service guarantees in the business. In addition to scheduled service tune-ups. Our friendly staff is here to help, so pick up the phone and call us today!

About Total Maintenance Care

Total Maintenance Care (TMC) is a professional multi-faceted service company throughout Perth and has been managed by a duly qualified executive team having experience over 10years. TMC has successfully established itself as a leading company in all areas of complete maintenance services, verifiable by its extended contracts and customer satisfaction. It is the firm intention of TMC to continue this tradition with existing clientele whilst expanding at a well-planned and sustainable rate.